Over the past few years, Basically Babies inventory has grown from a few boxes in a basement to needing a warehouse to hold all of the donations we receive.  Our warehouse and storage facility is a bustling centre of activity that consists initially of heaps and heaps of boxes and bags of donated items to be sorted.  After initial sorting these items are grouped into labelled storage baskets for eventual inclusion in inventory.  The items are then counted, added to inventory and taken to the various locations where they are hung or put into baskets.  Upon entering the storage facilities, a visitor would see row upon row of tiny color-coordinated hangers each holding a teeny baby outfit or item sorted by size, gender and color.  This careful organization of our warehouse donations allows us to efficiently select high quality, color coordinated wardrobes.  We do our best to keep our warehouse as neat and organized as possible.   We strive to maintain this level of organization and excellence in everything we do.

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The Basically Babies Warehouse
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Urgent Items List

We want to keep up with our task of outfitting babies born to Edmonton families-in-need, so WE NEED YOUR CLEAN, GENTLY-USED BABY CLOTHES! If you're going through your kids' too small items this summer, please consider donating clothes & outerwear (up to size 2), as well as blankets, books & toys to Basically Babies.

Drop-off at 14839-118 Ave Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 9:30 - 3:00

Snowsuits - boys and girls, sizes 0-24 mo

Large Summer Hats - sizes 12-24 mo

Shoes - boys and girls, sizes 0-6

Slippers - 0-24 mo

Mittens - 0-24 mo

Tights - 0-24 mo

Sleepers - 0-24 mo

Large Undershirts - sizes 12-24 mo

Toys - small and large

Baby Books

Receiving Blankets



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