Recipient Organizations

Our layettes are produced by Basically Babies, and subsequently delivered through charities, non-profit organizations, social service agencies and healthcare organizations which provide vital services within Edmonton and surrounding areas to disadvantaged families with newborns.  We choose to have these organizations deliver our layettes to the recipient families so as to help build the relationships between the workers and the families receiving help.  Workers from these agencies, who have ongoing relationships with families living in situations of extreme need, contact us with a request when they encounter a family with a newborn who would benefit from the infant wardrobe we provide.  After reviewing the request to ensure completeness and compliance with our criteria, we contact the requesting agency to arrange for pick-up of the layette so that it can be delivered to the recipient family.  Basically Babies supports the programs of our partner agencies and helps them to build and strengthen the relationships they are developing with families in need in our community while providing a much-needed service that is not offered by any other agency or program.

Another reason that we choose to distribute the layettes through these partner agencies is that they are working with these families on a longer-term basis to provide the training and life skills they may need.  Our one-time gift of a layette can support and strengthen the relationships between the families and the volunteers, social workers, caseworkers or health care nurses who can help them to get back on their feet and teach them what they need to become responsible members of a caring community. 

We know that, as a small organization with limited resources, we cannot meet every need in our community, but we are committed to continuing to meet the needs of families in the greater Edmonton area who would love to provide the best for their young children, but lack sufficient resources to do so.  We recognize that the provision of these layettes does not totally solve such long-term problems as poverty, substance abuse, and homelessness, but we support the agencies working with these families to give them the training and life-skills they need.  By giving our layettes through these organizations, the immediate need of baby clothing is supplied, while the relationship with a caring community worker, needed by each impoverished family is strengthened.

An added benefit of these partnerships has been the support and encouragement we have received from the organizations delivering our layettes.  They often donate items that they have received and cannot use, as well as supporting our public relations and fund-raising efforts.

The following are examples of comments from community workers who deliver our layettes:

  • "I was relieved and delighted that an agency such as Basically Babies provided such a wonderful service.  Professionally speaking I also think very highly of your agency.  I think it complements our program wonderfully and is a wonderful gift!"

  • "With the assistance of Basically Babies, we can provide our clients with more resources and services, and in doing so will increase our ability to help our clients and form stronger relationships."

  • "The ability to provide a baby layette for new parents adds another dimension to the services that they can access through our program.  The layette is a personal gift that has immediate benefits, and a gesture that celebrates their new baby and acknowledges the new journey that these parents are beginning."

  • "Basically Babies layettes absolutely help to strengthen the relationships with our families.  They open up communication and relationship-building.  Bringing a gift like this opens communication and builds confidence in the person who delivers it."

  • "Every Wednesday is like Christmas at our office.  The layettes are a huge source of joy for staff & clients - - not just the contents but also the presentation."

  • "Basically Babies baskets reinforce the relationship between the families and our workers.  They communicate that someone cares enough about something as special as having a baby to make such an amazing gift.  They tell the families that the community is behind them."

  • "Helping to provide clothing and accessories for new members of a family supports our staff in building a trusting relationship with the participants of our program and also helps them to meet the basic needs of their families."

Mission Statement

"Our desire is to communicate value, dignity and hope to the recipient families while providing opportunities for committed volunteers to serve our fellow community members."

From Millwoods Family Resource Centre -

The Basically Babies program has been a very valuable and a great resource for me to use to help me get into the homes of families that I work with.  The families have expressed such joy when they have received the beautiful basket of clothes, toys, etc.  When I am able to take them into the home with a new family it really helps to bond our relationship.  It helps them to know that we really do care about getting them the extra help that they need.  These baskets are so beautifully done up you can tell that they have been made with great love and care.  It really does welcome their precious baby into our community.

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