Highlighted Volunteer

Basically Babies could not operate without the committed support of our volunteers.  Our small group of volunteers works diligently to provide beautiful baskets, overflowing with baby essentials for the most impoverished families in our community. 

Kim Myhre
has been volunteering with Basically Babies for many years. Her valuable work is done mostly "behind the scenes" as she takes bin upon bin of stained donatinos home to clean and treat for stains. We are incredibly grateful for the many hours Kim spends checking and rechecking the many tiny items that go into our layettes. Kim often attends our work nights as well, where we get the opportunity to see her smiling face and catch up with her while we all work together completing the many necessary tasks in our warehouse. Thanks so much for your commitment to our work, Kim!

Thanks for all your do Kim!

Waiting For You!

What to expect... friendship, growth & development!

We hope you'll love volunteering with us.  You'll find the people friendly, the atmosphere welcoming and hopefully be able to learn a few things along the way. 

At Basically Babies, we are as committed to our volunteers as they are to us.  We make significant attempts to build excellent relationships with our volunteers to ensure they feel they are part of the organization.  Many of our volunteers are involved on a regular basis.

We also make attempts to "stretch" our volunteers by training them in new tasks and activities that may not be a part of their current skill set or experience.  This offers new opportunities and allows them to build new skills and experiences in their volunteer activities as well as their own lives.

We'd love to have you join us - please e-mail or phone us at (780) 989-0180 if you would like to get involved!

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